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cindylou1c 08-25-2009 06:58 PM

anybody have any experience with using eucaboard under carpet? somebody installed this over old tile before we have carpet installed and it's pushing up from the staples. I'm concerned that if the carpet gets layed over this it will also push up

rusty baker 08-25-2009 07:07 PM

That's more commonly called masonite. What kind of floor, concrete or wood and what kind of tile, ceramic, vinyl or?

cindylou1c 08-25-2009 07:08 PM

it was put over old vinyl tile.

rusty baker 08-25-2009 07:28 PM

I'd either take it up or try to put screws in it. Staples won't hold masonite especially if it's pushed together too tight. It also tends to bow if not fastened in a small enough pattern. It's not a great product for floors.

cindylou1c 08-25-2009 07:31 PM

bummer - guess I should try to cancel the carpet installer for the morning. should have hired you to install it instead of sis's boyfriend

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