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dwtjan 10-05-2009 03:28 AM

Estimating CRAWL SPACE Excavation/floor support
A friend of mine has been offered a job to dig out 14" deep of soil in a crawl space approx 25' X 12' and also prop up/support the flooring. The person w/the house added the two rooms occupying this space several years ago & has recently been told by a termite inspector that he only has 4" of crawl space & needs it to be at least 18" deep along w/proper supporting of the floors before it could pass inspection. One room is a carpet over plywood that my friend plans on removing to get to the crawl space but the other room is a dining room w/hardwood floors which are not to be removed. This is located in Fairfield, CA Solano County and he has NO idea what to charge or how to go about calculating an estimate. He's a fantastic guy. An old-time local who is NOT in any way a businessman and ALWAYS estimates WAY too low, but he just wants to do right by everyone and for once himself too. He has a couple days to get back w/the estimate so any advice would be greatly appreciated. THANKS!!!

Scuba_Dave 10-05-2009 06:52 AM

This site is geared towards DIY, not cost estimates

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