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kidnitro6 03-21-2012 02:50 PM

Epoxy paint over black mastic over concrete in basement
Here is my situation:

I have a 250 sq foot section of basement I would like to put a floor covering over. It is relatively flat with a slope of 0-4 inches over its 10 ft width. Not level at all haha but flat at least. It is covered with old black mastic adhesive. over that the previous owner painted an epoxy paint. It adhered well in most areas but has flaked off in about 10 percent of area. Low to no moisture. Temp varies 50ish in winter to 80s in summer. Wife is pregnant with our first child and does not want black mastic disturbed by scraping or grinding over asbestos fears.

Ideas so far:

Superseal membrane with armstrong exquisite over it

Scuff paint and apply thinset then ceramic tile.

remove paint, leave adhesive/ thinset tile

thinset/ tapcon hardiboard or the like down over it then thinset over that then tile

Any ideas/ suggestions/ comments would be GREATLY appreciated!!!


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