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jkrodger 07-20-2007 08:36 AM

Epoxy in the basement
my husband and I just moved into our new house and our stuff doesn't get delivered until next week. We're using this time to paint the interior and are considering using an epoxy kit for the basement floor.

The house is 82 years old so it has a limestone foundation which I know is prone to seepage. We're considering semi-finishing the basement at some point so we would like to seal everything up before our stuff starts filling up the basement. St. Louis got a good hard rain yesterday and the only water we saw in the basement appeared to be from the condensation of the AC.

I'm looking for any experiences anyone's had with epoxy in the basement and for recommendations on brands and such.


poppameth 07-20-2007 10:27 AM

The DIY kits are okay but far from being really good. The best thing to use IMO is a 100% Solids 2 part epoxy. You mix it up and pour it out in a bead then use a squeegee and roller to push it into place. If you want to do it yourself though this may not be a good option. The stuff only has a 30 minute pot life. There are better floor finishes than the kits that gives you at least 3 hours open time though. I'd go to your preferred paint dealer and ask them about 2 part industrial floor finishes to see what they have available.

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