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VickyC 03-05-2010 11:09 AM

Engineered or Solid Wood flooring on stairs
I have purchased a new build property which I want to put either engineered wood or solid wood flooring throughout. The stairs are in the living room so would like them to be covered in the same floor covering. Can you cover stairs in wood and make it look professional? I am not intending to lay the flooring myself but pay a contractor - where would I find someone who could do a professional job. The property is in Maidstone

msv 03-05-2010 06:50 PM

First, complete your profile with location info and all the rest.
that way, I'll know where Maidstone is.
As far as finding local contractors, you have multiple sources. try,,, local newspaper, etc.
try "hardwood flooring installers in Maidstone" in your google search. that will bring up the results. if you scroll down, there will be a map of yourarea with pins on it indicating flooring installers around you.
If you want an installer with good reviews, go to Better Business Bureau website ( and look for installers close to you. it will show BBB accredited businesses and that way you'll see if any of them has any complaints filed against them. BBB has a public rating system.(here's mine).
About the steps: the installer should tell you that you can get solid stair treads(one piece). they run about $27-$35, depending where you buy them anb how long they are. they have to be installed, sanded and finished. the raisers can be painted same color as the trim in the house.
any other questions, just ask, I'm happy to help.
P.S.:what type of subfloor do you have? That can greatly influence the type of flooring theat you can use.

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