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justinae 06-22-2013 01:30 PM

Engineered flooring over post and beam
Hi all,

My home is built on post and beam with 4' spacing and 2x6 tongue and groove as sub floor. Currently my flooring is 2 1/4" oak nailed down directly to the 2x6 subfloor. About half of the flooring is stained beyond repair so we plan to replace the whole floor. I plan on using Kahrs engineered 3 strip which is 8" x 72" and click flooring.

Anyone have any experience with this kind of flooring over this kind of subfloor? I don't want to install plywood over the whole floor if possible.

Any thoughts?


MTN REMODEL LLC 06-22-2013 02:28 PM

Justin.... Certainly no exact experience with your subfloor... but I would think basic principals would prevail......

how "level "(misnomer for flat plane) is your current floor...(take an 8 to 10 foot factory edge and go over floor to determine your extent of dips and humps)...

is your present flooring of satisfactory deflection.... does it squeek....

are you going to float or glue down that engineered product (or do you even have the choice of edge-glueing it (some are raw glueable edges, some are kinda waxed to prevent squeeking)...

I assume absoulutely no moisture problem.

justinae 06-22-2013 02:45 PM

Thanks for the reply.

Plan on doing floating floor. It's Kahrs click system which I've heard good things about so don't plan to glue edges or glue down. Just click only.

I'm not sure about current subfloor condition as we haven't removed all the original flooring yet. Overall the current flooring is sound. There are two spots that squeek and I'll inspect when we demo floor.

In terms of moisture the crawl space is currently lined with vapor barrier, but poorly. I do plan to have the done soon as well as insulation. I also plan to install a vapor barrier underneath the flooring. Does the foam required underneath the engineered floor count as a vapor barrier?

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