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gtimk4 03-21-2010 06:29 PM

engineer wood floor @ uneven Slab on grade
Hi! all flooring experts, I really need some help from you guys.
My wife and I are in process of buying our first home. However, the one we are going to buy has some tricky flooring issue, since we are under a very tight budget, we are going to DIY most of it. so, I need some of your opinion.

The whole house is slab on grade. When I first pull out the existing carpet, I found out that the dinning area slab (about 8'x15') is 3/4" higher than the rest of the house. The previous owner use 3/4" wood flooring cover the whole house to match the dinning area slab, then put a carpet to cover it. The existing wood floor is ugly and is out of sharp.

We want to put new engineer wood floor. But now, I need to find a way to level the sub-floor first since I prefer not to have any step on the fllooring. Here is my questions:

1) Is it OK to resurface the existing hardwood floor and glue the new engineering wood floor on top? if so, What kind of treatment I need to aware of?
2) Another way I can think of is to remove all the existing hardwood floor, then glue a layer of 3/4" plywood subfloor on top of existing slab, then put the engineer wood floor on top. But then, that's mean I need to pay for all the extra plywood just to level the small dinner area slab. And I'm worry that the transition is never gonna be smooth since the recess slab is not exactly 3/4" everywhere.
3) For the new plywood subflooring, I talked to home depot worker, they told me to use "CDX" plywood, however, the plywood seems very curvy and isn't flat or smooth, would that be a problem?
4) would you guys recommend I pour a 3/4" topping slab over the existing slab to make it level everywhere? Is it expansive and hard to do?
5) Is it out of the question if I take out the top 3/4" dinning room slab instead of rising the rest of he house floor?

The house is about 1,200 SF. Any info is greatly appreciated.


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