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Murdy 02-07-2012 05:19 PM

effloresence, latex leaching, something else?
We grouted on Sunday afternoon. Our grout is supposed to be medium gray, but came out off-white. It's a darker tile, and the grout haze was very apparent, so we may have over-wiped it (though we were careful to wring out our sponges well--at least I thought so). We used a grout with a polymer added and also added grout-boost. Was wondering if there was any way to identify what I'm dealing with.

I've purchased grout haze remover, and I've heard of people using other things like vinegar or stronger acids. Was wondering how to proceed. Maybe start with vinegar and work up? And, if that's the wayy to go, should I wait to allow the grout to cure before I start hitting it with acids or anything? (If so, how long?)
Thanks for looking at my problem.

Murdy 02-12-2012 11:37 AM

Tested 3 options in an inconspicuous area: vinegar, CLR (thinking it might have been minerals left behind by our crappy water, and straight grout-haze remover. CLR worked ok. The grout-haze remover actually disloved a substantial portion of the grout and I ended up brushing away about half of the grout. Vinegar worked the best. Applied it straight, let sit for ten to fifteen minutes, then went over with a fairly stiff nylon brush. Only had to do one application, and the grout is about the color it's supposed to be.

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