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EDGE Tile flooring
Is anyone out there trying to live with Edge Tile flooring. My builder has told me the company has gone out of business. My tile is cracking all over the house and I am looking for suggestions for how to deal with the problem. Help!


willer2009 01-19-2009 09:23 AM

EDGE Flooring Complaints
Hi All. I would like to get some help to all people who installed EDGE FLOORING laminate tiles.
I've been a tecnhical working in the company so what I can do for you guys is to get a direct and knowledge experience.
Basically is possible that the main of complaints are right, expecially if the laminate has been produced between early 2004 to early 2005.
I mean PRODUCED, but the selling date is different for sure.
Unfortunally EDGE didn't understand the issues when you use a very thick tile on laminate.
After some changing (a lot...) the product was fixed ad the performances was rised from 35% to 50%.
I mean that the last product I've seen was pretty good.
I can tell you they tried to change the direction from the begining of the business but then Lowe's and the customers wanted have any issue becasue their trust was jeopardized.
The idea was excellen, the company started with a lot of money to invest but at the end of the day they underestimate technical issues.
I know called an Italian flooring specialist /you know in Italy there are the best tiles of the world/ who found the issues and solved them...after one year or less they fired him...beacuse the was a bit conceited...I guess.
That's the real story the company is on chapter 7. so I don't see any way to have refunds.
Godd luck to all

owencarpet 01-19-2009 06:52 PM

Just to confirm, yes, Edge has gone out of business.

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