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mattg80 09-24-2013 12:59 AM

easiest way to remove hardwood floor
I am removing my hardwood floor in my living room. It has got water damaged and the subfloor is in terrible shape. I am trying to decide whether to spend the extra and get glue down engineered or roll the dice on the click lock style engineered. (read mixed reviews). I cant afford to go back with the real hardwood. I actually had laminate over them to begin with because they needed refinished/repaired and I needed a quick fix. Im leaning towards the click/floating style, mainly because of ease of removal. I have a two year old who is always dropping cars etc on the floor and I would hate to try to rip up a section of glued down floor. Anyways to the topic. I know the hardwood is gonna be a mother bear to get up. My thinking is to mark the floor joists on both sides of the room, snap a chalk line, and take a circsaw and rip the hardwood/subfloor together..Would this be the preferred method? The underlay is 3/4 ply and the hardwood is 3/4. Would my regular old "sidewinder" saw be up to snuff or would i need a worm drive saw? Any tips on the style of floor to go back with and rip up would be appreciated. Either method I plan on 1.125 subfloor to keep my height close to the rest of the house.


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