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DrHicks 01-28-2012 03:54 PM

Dying Automotive Carpet
First of all, I assume that the moderators might want to move this to the Automotive sub-forum, but I put it here because I suspect it'll get more looks - and hopefully answers.

So I'm restoring/working on an old Volvo station wagon. The carpet in the cargo/wagon area of the car is in good condition, but is very faded. Also, for some reason Volvo thought it'd be a swell idea to have some of it black and some camel color.

I'd like to spruce it up. I'd like to dye it all black.

Is there a viable way to dye that carpet? Any specific product any of you have used?


user1007 01-28-2012 04:31 PM

You can buy carpet dyes and since you are going all black, it might work out. Check online to start. I assume it is in decent shape, not so brittle it will not take the dye and is worth trying? For example, I did a quick search and found these. Note I have no experience with dying carpet so am just passing along what might work. Dying anything is tricky if the fibers are in different conditions and have different levels of fading.

Might be rather hard to justify the cost of the dye and labor for marginal results if you can replace the whole section for chimp change? I guess the rattle can stuff might be worth a shot.

If it is badly worn, you might price replacement carpet. Auto resellers will have or can order everything you need for the interior cut to size and ready to put in place. What about a remnant piece? For example, a lot of trade show carpeting gets tossed after a single use and some of it is black. I did the entire interior of a car I was restoring with a roll I got for like $20 placed in the right hands at the end of trade show---they were just going to dumpster it. It was not stuff you would want in your home but was fine for the car.

Here is a link to JC Whitney's aftermarket fitted Volvo carpet pieces:

Black is probably not something you are going to find at a home carpet place unless the Addams Family of Omaha is renovating but who knows.

ratherbefishing 01-28-2012 10:09 PM

I've used Rit dye, mixed strong, applied with a sponge.

Jay 78 01-29-2012 05:13 AM


Originally Posted by ratherbefishing (Post 837567)
I've used Rit dye, mixed strong, applied with a sponge.

When I first saw this thread, I Googled "rit dye on carpet', hardly expecting to get any results. Turns out there was quite a few links.

I agree with sdsester, there is probably somewhere you can buy the actual pre-cut carpet for the specific vehicle. I'd go that route if possible, if the cost was reasonable. It would be easy to install and brand new.

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