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reibuild 08-03-2007 01:35 PM

Does 5" Hardwood Solid need to be glued down as well as nailed down.
We have purchased 5" Solid Brazillian Cherry hardwood, that we were planning on installing on top of wood subfloor. When we had installers come in to give us an estimate, they told us that because of it's width it needs to be glued as well as nailed down. The problem is the glue will cost $800, the cost we were not counting on. Does 5" really needs to be glued and nailed down??

ron schenker 08-03-2007 06:52 PM

When you say "install on top of wood floor" do you mean a wood subfloor or an existing hardwood floor? If it's just a simple install job on top of a subfloor then you won't need glue. If you're installing it on top of another hardwood floor, don't do it. It is not recommended. As for the glue, I think $800 is alot of money unless it's a huge area. You don't need glue and nails if the job is done properly. BTW brazilian cherry is a very hard wood and some installers charge extra. On the other hand 5" hardwood installs faster than the usual 3 1/4" I once installed around 600 sq.ft. of 2" Braz. cherry and let me tell you, advancing 2" at a time takes forever and destroys your back, knees, neck, shoulders, and sanity.

JazMan 08-03-2007 11:37 PM

Although I install hardwood once in a while, (like tomorrow in my own house) and 4-5 jobs per year. I do not consider myself an expert of hardwood installations, of course. (My thing is tile). However many, if not most manufacturers do indeed recommend gluing and nailing any hardwood plank wider than 4". The glue should be a premium grade urethane construction adhesive applied in a serpentine pattern to the back of the wood.

Sounds like you may have found an installer that wants to do the job right!:thumbsup:


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