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alson 11-12-2012 07:45 PM

Discolored Border - Maybe Adhesive?
Hello! We own a 1920 rowhome in Baltimore, MD. We recently removed all of the carpeting, which had several layers of laminate underneath (as far back as 1930s from newspapers also under the materials).

In all of the rooms, there is an ugly diarrhea brown border around the edges of the hardwood floors in each room. I am guessing this is either paint, or some type of adhesive related to the first layer of laminate. Does anyone know what this would be? What's a good way to remove it?

Also, for any flooring experts: when it is worth refinishing the hardwood flooring, versus laying new hardwoods over top. We are very torn. We love the idea of keeping the original floors, but they are in rough shape, have gaps/spintering in some areas etc. Most importantly, there is no subfloor. We worry about taking more width off of them and making them unstable. You can see the light from the basement in some areas. If anyone has thoughts I'd love to hear!

Thank you!

joecaption 11-12-2012 07:49 PM

Without a subfloor under it your loosing a whole lot of heat and cooling.

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