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Covering carpet with plastic (question)

I have dust allergy and asthma.
Carpets trap dust.
Vacuuming moves dust around and makes asthma and allergies worse.
I rent an apartment and the landlord won't allow alterations.

Are there any solutions to cover my carpet with something hypoallergenic?
I don't care about looks or tripping over material, I just don't want dust trap carpet and I need something cheap.

I wanted to get vinyl carpet runners but they seem to have adhesives and are temporary - only lasting 30-45 days. The ones which aren't adhesive are like floor mats and cost way too much.

My carpet area is about 400 sq ft.

Thank you for reading


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Read up. Carpet causes less allergy problems than hard surface.


The ads in my post are there without my permission. I do not endorse any of the products.
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Then why do doctors advise allergy sufferers to remover their carpet and replace with hard floors?

Why do my allergies act up more in homes with carpet than with hard floors, every single time?

Evidence says you're wrong, no matter how many carpet retailers lies you've read.
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RUSTY, YOU ARE WRONG. WRONG WRONG WRONG NO MATTER WHAT LIES YOU HAVE READ !!! How long you been in the business anyway???

I think this comes from the Carpet and Rug institute but not sure where I found it.

People that have allergies should vacuum their carpet at least twice a week and have their carpet cleaned the way the manufacturer specifies approximately every 12 to 18 months. Carpet is an asset for allergy sufferers as it traps the dust versus a hard surface where dust lays on top of the surface to be kicked back into our breathing zone.

I also think that a vacuum using a HEPA-Type filter would be to an allergy sufferers benefit. I guess if an allergy sufferer has a natural resistance towards vacuuming or cleaning on a regular basis then it wouldn't matter if a HEPA filter was used or not.
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He might be in a flooring related business, that doesn't make him an expert on health issues related to flooring. My doctor advised me to remove my carpeting to help with allergies - who am I going to believe for health matters, a guy who works with flooring or a guy who works with allergies.

That carpet company is a joke because it basically says it traps dirt/dust/etc, which causes dust mites to flourish and crawl on you during the night (and day), making allergies flare up, yet says if you constantly clean it then it should be ok while flooring isn't, as if you can't quickly vacuum dust off some hard flooring...

The reality is that vacuuming doesn't remove all of the dust trapped in the carpet like vacuuming hard flooring does. This causes the dust to accumulute, dust mites to flourish, and when you walk over and over on carpet some old dust, as well as new dust, gets knocked up.

So yes, I'm sure I could manage my carpet problem if I steam cleaned, hepa vacuumed, and made sure not to walk on it with shoes every single day, taking 2 hours out of every day. I guess now you can see the problem with the companies theoretical BS.
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