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SJC 02-06-2008 12:28 PM

Concrete alb preparation for Laminate (click together) flooring

To make a long story short...we moved into a house in which we had to remove all the old carpeting and old tile underneath it...which left us walking on the concrete slab. We ended up painting the slab with concrete paint until we had the funds to replace all the flooring. Anyway we want to install bamboo Laminate (no glue flooring) in 3 of the rooms....I understand the concrete slab should be real close to down to the home improvement store to obtain the necessary items...when hit would appear that I must remove the paint from the concrete slab in order to use the Self Leveling Compound because it must adhere to the slab....I really do not wnat to remove it.....its a job I would not look forward to doing. Is there something I can use to level the areas of my concrete slab without having to remove the paint? Initially I was thinking I could use Red Guard on top of this paint which would be taky upon drying that would allow the Self Leveling Compound to adhere to it.....not sure that the right way to go.

Any suggestions?


Bud Cline 02-06-2008 02:16 PM

RedGard is not "tacky" when it dries. The paint would be a bond-breaker for the RedGard anyway maybe. You also can't use any chemical strippers 'cause that too would be a problem for the Self Leveller maybe.

The only acceptable way to remove sealers and paints from concrete in preparation for the addition of any Portland products is to mechanically abrade the surface. Shot blast, sand blast, grind, something like that.

Don't confuse the condition of "level" with the condition of "plane" or "flat". Your floor doesn't necessarily have to be as level as it does flat. If the surface is "rugged" for some reason then I see why you want to use SLC but if it's just crooked and flat that's a different story and may be acceptable for your intended flooring.:)

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