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RuthP 02-03-2008 04:52 PM

cold concrete floor
I am needing to create an apt for my mother in my basement. It is the only place she can access in my home where she would not have to negotiate stairs. She has bad arthritus and neuropathy in her feet which causes great pain. Cold floors will not help.

My house was built in 1906. I added on an office 12 years ago that is two story. The apartment would include a bathroom and bedroom in the old house and a large windowed room beneath my office. The floors are concrete. The space does not quite meet code for floor to ceiling but provides plenty of head space for us at our height of 5'7. It is a nice light space with a gas stove.

I can not build up the floor too much so I think the thermal heated floors are probably not an answer.

I live on the wet side of Oregon. Once in the 20 years I have lived here I had some small amount of water in one corner of my basement.

In the bedroom area of the proposed basement, it seems as though there are spots that get dark colored during the rainy season but there is no standing water. It has not happened this season so I have not been able to do the plastic taped to the floor to check for condensation.

There is some cracking in both the old and new concrete, with the bedroom area (old part of the house) heaving up a bit at the crack. Less than 1/4 inch from center of crack to the walls.

I do not expect that my mother will be with me for long but I want her to be happy and comfortable while she is here. So my questions are:
1) how to cover the floor to make it a bit softer and warmer without creating something that might mold
(does anyone have experience with the rubber tiles that lock together like a puzzle?,1/

2) Any experience with putting in some kind of floor heating? Can this be done by laying flooring over the top of preexisting concrete floor? How much space will it take out of the floor to ceiling measurement? How well does it work?

3) Any experience with epaxy water barriers on concrete?

4) Any other ideas?

I will be deeply grateful for your thoughts. Ruth

Chris Johnson 02-03-2008 06:14 PM

Ruth, budget is going to dictate what is available to you.

companies make sub floor to sit/float on top of concrete with a dimple board on the back side in case water gets through and to keep a seperation from the cold concrete. any floor covering can be installed in top of it.

electric floor heating is an option, but expensive considering the short time frame you are talking about, it may not benefit you financially to go this route.

RuthP 02-03-2008 08:35 PM

cold concret floor
Can you tell me what this subflooring with the dimple board is called? Any info on how much it costs raw materials for something like a 13x 15 room? Labor?

The floor with the water warming units--can it be installed on top of a preexisting floor? I think I have read that it has to be about 3 inches thick.

Chris Johnson 02-03-2008 09:45 PM


Electric I know can be used with ceramic tiles, I don't know about other products

RuthP 02-03-2008 10:13 PM

cold concrete floor
Chris, this is very exciting. I have been to 3 major flooring stores and none of them have mentioned this product.

Have you worked with it? Does it truly keep mold from growing? It looks easy to work it.

thanks for the tip.

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