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urbanmojo 08-15-2011 08:50 PM

Cleaning Cat Vomit From Marble Flooring

Just started renting a place with lots of marble flooring. We have two cats, one who like to vomit a lot. This is a problem due to the effect of acid on marble floors.

He threw up the other day, we picked it up and tried using a baking soda poultice as recommended on many sites to reabsorb. I have tried polishing it since with a chamois, but it is now dull and not shiny like the rest of the marble. There are also little bits on the outside that are still light brown.

The marble is off white with grey, it is called "Mocca Cream" by the manufacturers. I understand it has been treated using an impregnator process.

Can I do anything myself to make this look decent or do we have to call in someone to polish? If so, will that person be expensive?

Also, did we do anything wrong re: cleaning? Is there a way to do it better in the future, because this will happen again.


Red Squirrel 08-15-2011 08:55 PM

I can't offer any suggestion, but I share your pain. My cat pukes a lot too, and lately she loves doing it in my bed. :mad: It's a huge ordeal to get that cleaned as it does not fit in my washer.

My wood floor also takes lot of torture from all that acid. I use lysol and paper towels to clean it and it works fine on the floor if it did not have time to soak in, but really not sure what would work for marble. Is this like tile, or is it actually slabs? I wonder if you can get it waxed or something so it protects it.

ebaretta 08-15-2011 10:35 PM

i might be able to help your cat. is it an older cat?

urbanmojo 08-16-2011 12:17 AM

you mean you can stop it from vomiting?

ebaretta 08-16-2011 12:54 AM

might if we figure out the root cause..

ebaretta 08-16-2011 12:56 AM

I have owned cats all my life and only had one that hacked up stuff all the time.. hers was mostly allergies and hairballs. Cat was allergic to herself i believe. She died 2 years ago for some unknown reason. She went outside one night and found her the next day. Probably poison but who knows...

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