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TDennis 07-29-2007 10:11 PM

Choosing the right nail/staple...
I'm getting ready to install a nailed, 5/8" engineered maple floor in my 1969 era home I recently bought. This will be my first nailed floor install after doing a couple different types of floating laminates.

The subfloor is 1" x 6" T&G planks on joists 4 feet on center. The original floor was all carpet so the house has 3/8" underlayment grade particle board from 1969.

A local installer has recommended I replace that particle board with 3/8" CD exterior grade plywood to reduce the chance of squeaks developing later. It's A LOT OF WORK because that old particle board is down with thousands of staples.

But once I've got it pulled up, what type of fastener should I use to put down the new plywood? Nails or staples? What type? Galvanized? Ring shank? What about the nailing pattern?

Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome! And thanks in advanced!

Joining_Heads 07-31-2007 03:40 PM

You have to pull the dustboard because the staples will not hold when you lay the floor. Pull it up and lay half inch sheathing nailed with ring shank 8s ( or screw off with risers..your choice) and glue the sheathing around the edges and across according to the joist pattern. I usually lay the sheet in place and trace it real quick with a pencil so I know where it seats so I dont glue to far ahead and end up stepping in it. In time you will develop the eye so you dont have to do this.

O yeah, glue with PL or some other Contsr. or subfloor adhesive. I like the PL urethane myself.

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