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JoeWa 07-05-2012 05:04 PM

Carrara White Marble - proper thinset to use
First time poster - be kind! I'm putting in some carrera white marble in my powder rooms and i used mapei ultraflex 1 white in the first room. The marble is grey instead of white and I'm sure that it must have absorbed some moisture and will return to its original color. But before I started the second room I thought I would check with someone who actually knows what they're doing :) Any thoughts would be appreciated.

JazMan 07-05-2012 09:11 PM

Welcome Joe,

If you used white mortar it'll lighten up in a week or two. Ultraflex 1 is an entry level modified thin set. It very decent, but nothing to brag about.

You forgot to mention what type of substrate you installed over. If it's a wooden floor, we need more info as to how the framing is done and the type and total thickness of the subfloor.

BTW, it's Carrara.


JoeWa 07-06-2012 08:34 AM

Carrera White Marble - proper thinset to use
Thanks Jazman.

I'm in Houston, which has extremely humid weather for those who have never been here. Humidity may play a part in drying time but for future reference on day three I began to notice the first small signs of the floor tile changing from grey back to white. This morning is day four and while the tile is far from its original white there is a visible change occurring. So for anyone who has this question in the future, be patient and the color will lighten.

The substrate in the powder room I was referring to above is concrete but the second powder room which I'll do next is on the second floor and is wood. I was going to use some cement board for support and mortar over the cement board. Sounds like you may have some suggestions on the substrate.

I'm also putting in some wall tile. Mosaic tiles, some are glass and some are glossy white with hues of pink. I've known I was going to do this for some time so I've been observing various tiling jobs in local resturaunts, offices, etc... The grout in some of the wall tile has a smooth bright white texture. I haven't gone to the store to check out my choices but if you have any preferences or helpful hints on grout for mosaic wall tile I'd be very appreciative.

Jazman thanks for sharing your wisdom and advice. I'm fairly handy but I have a lot to turn. Thank god my wife is patient!

JazMan 07-06-2012 08:54 PM

Thanks Joe.

Stone tiles require a much stiffer substrate than ceramic tiles and the standard building code. I will bet your 2nd floor framing and subfloor does not meet minimum standards for marble tiles.

Let us know the; Type and size of the joists, try to determine their species and grade too, the on-center spacing of the joists, the unsupported span to the inch. Also of course the type, thickness and number of layers of subfloor sheets. Also if you can tell the overall condition of all.

Narrow grout joints call for unsanded grout. You may be referring to bright white color. Mosaics and glass tiles present a little more of a challenge and require premium mortars for which you'll want to refer to the manufacturer's data sheet.


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