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abc 01-18-2008 11:01 AM

carpeting for slab on grade floor
I have a slab on grade floor. Asbestos tile has been removed, leaving ugly black material. We may have some minor water infiltration (infrequent) through the base of an outside wall or possibly up through the concrete. We plan to install carpeting. We are also planning to repair the outer wall in the spring, but need to finish the interior now. Would it be best to install a subfloor over the concrete before the carpeting, or should we just use a moisture resistant padding directly on the slab? Additional insulating value from sub-floor would not be a bad thing for this room. Another alternative would be to scrape the black junk off the concrete and paint/seal the concrete before installing a subfloor or direct carpeting. Thoughts?

All Tiles 01-18-2008 11:31 AM

I would recommend FIRST fixing where the problem began, hence your outside wall (even a temp solution is fine until the spring). Then, moving into your home,
-scrape and treat moldy areas
-add min. 1/4" sub flooring, so your carpet sits nice and firm
-Add your padding and carpet

mike costello 01-18-2008 02:41 PM

1/4 inch over concrete?

I wouldnt do that.

You can put carpet and pad right on concrete. Just fix the water issue first

All Tiles 01-18-2008 03:18 PM

Sorry, my bad, that's 1/2".
It's a basement, the moisture that basement's retain are unbelievable, i wouldn't recommend NOT using plywood. But then again, that me.
We use to have carpet/pad right on cement floors in our basement, and once we added and extra 1/2" plywood with polythene ( it's an orange membrane)to the padding, it made a huge difference on how cold our floors would get in the winter, not to mention the humidity went away.
Then again maybe where you live -25 degrees Celsius is not very common and straight padding on your cement floors works just fine. It is again a much cheaper solution.

abc 01-18-2008 08:57 PM

We've got a temporary fix on the outer wall until we can do permanent work (and window work) in the spring. The room is on grade, not a below-grade basement. Is there any advantage to adding a subfloor? What material and thickness would your recommend? Any benefit toadding a layer of plastic or use the material with pe spacers on the bottom? Should we just go with moisture resistant padding?

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