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dozey 07-10-2007 04:17 PM

carpet to tile joining
Goodmorning I am new here so I hope I do this right.
Have just had ceramic tiles installed in the front doorway of the lounge room (entrance) by a diy weekend handyman-for-hire; but he didn't finish off the join with the carpet - said he couldn't do that and I should get 'the carpet people' in to do it. Please help me finish this off. He has put an aluminium angled piece at the edge of the tiles. The tiles are actually slightly higher than the carpet (just a smidgen) I bought some metal edging with a 'gutter' to hold a soft plastic cover that goes over both tiles and carpet (is this called a saddle????) but because I had to nail it in, it then seated too low to take the plastic cover. Should I try to lift this edging and put wooden strips in to lift it??? Can anyone help please? I am recently widowed and need to be able to do these things for myself now. Dozey

slakker 07-10-2007 05:28 PM

Maybe a picture would help if you can post one... IMHO, if the carpet was already in place, I would expect the tile setter (DIY handy man or not) to put in the proper transition. The metal edging he put on could have been a transition piece if placed properly...

RippySkippy 07-11-2007 07:29 AM

Slakker is right...he should of finished the job. Can you remove and shim under the edging? I know it would be a pain...but it wouldn't be that though to do. Get a wide flat pry bar and it would help to pop it up with out damage. Depending on the height, masonite would might consider re-installing with screws, easier to snug up and would hold better.

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