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jellybeanjugler 07-01-2012 05:50 PM

Can I use Hendry 547 Unipro skim coat over Henry 555 or 565 SLC?
Here is the SHORT version of my question- Can you skim coat with Henry 547 over Hendry 555 or 565? And how dry does it need to be? can you do it before the full dry time or do we have to wait and prime first? THANKS FOR ANY HELP!

So we have spent many many hours, lots of blood, sweat and tears over our kitchen floor and we may be a TINY bit closer to done... He are installing Dura Ceramic tiles and we need the floor to be even up to 1/16 for each inch. sooooo.... thats pretty intense. Anyway, our subfloor (plywood) was uneven. We spent a few days 'patching' with the Henry 547 Unipro and the other premixed one. That premixed one was terrible! anyway, still we were finding lumps and bumps and couldnt even figure out where to go nest. We caved in after a few days and listened to everyone else's recommendations.... SLC.... So we used levelquick... 2 bags. followed all the directions to a T but just couldn't move fast enough. Ended up with lumps and bumps, almost worse than what was already there. Then, we tried to 'sand down' the bumps as recommended again.... YEAH RIGHT! I could have sanded for months with the sanders and go nowhere. So we primed the entire thing and dropped 2 bags of Henry 555.... To bad that didnt go far enough and only did 2/3 of the room. (the room is MAYBE 80 square foot of space). So.... the next day we went to get some more.... HM Lowes was out! So we had to go to Home Depot and get the 565 instead. Primed again, dropped that last bag down and now we are pretty close to even floors... level, maybe not, flat-almost. So, we have a few spots to fill left and the Henry products dont ever say if you could patch right over the last layer, if you need to prime first, or how 'dry' the SLC has to be before you can drop down the skim coat..... WE are about 4 hours into drying the SLC and want to skim coat. CAN WE????

Thanks for your supports from a sad homeowner sicks of DIY projects!

bob22 07-02-2012 06:08 AM

Why not call the Henry company and see what they say about using their products?

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