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davevarga 03-09-2008 06:46 PM

Can I install 3/4" HW on top of the rolled floor membrane there now?
Can I install new 3/4 hardwood over linoleum?
I have a kitchen/office that I am about to install new 3/4" prefinished hardwood on.

Question: (1) Do I have to take off the existing flooring treatment to get to the original worn hardwood floor, and then put the red paper, then the flooring?

Or, (2) leave the 1/8" wood layer and the rolled flooring layer on top of the existing floor, and just install my new hardwood flooring on top of that?

It would be a lot easier to just install the new hardwood over the rolled membrane flooring as that flooring is glued to the 1/8" wood layer and that wood layer is screwed into the old hardwood floor.


troubleseeker 03-09-2008 09:14 PM

Since you mention the red (roisin) paper, I assume you are talking about a floating floor, and not a glue down. I the existing floor is solid, I see no problem with leaving it alone. Be sure to use the recommended padding for your particular floor, as some manufacturers willl not warranty their floor without the recommended padding from them.

davevarga 03-09-2008 09:39 PM

new hardwood floor on top of old
In what I am hoping to do, is to install the new hardwood, nailed down through the rolled flooring (one continuous roll that is glued to 1/8" plywood). That plywood is screwed into the old hardwood floor.

I am wondering if I have to bother to take off the rolled flooring and the 1/8" plywood. (well the `plywood' is really wall paneling that they nailed onto the floor).

mike costello 03-09-2008 10:16 PM

First off if the underlayment is only 1/8 Id rip it out, its panelling.
If there is only one layer of 1/4 inch with a vinyl you can go over that.Still its worth the extra time to demo it to keep your hieght down.

Second, rosin paper isnt an underlayment for a floating floor. Floating floors require some cushion for sound deadening.

Rosin or felt is put under nailed down hardwood to cut down on the noise primarily.

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