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SpiffWilkie 11-10-2009 01:56 PM

Bubbles! ACK!
So, I recently completed the arduous task of attempting to refinish my floors. And it has sucked!
First, I used a square buff sander which didn't do much of anything. Then I rented the drum sander and that worked great. The edger sucked again (Holy, freaking hard on my back!). We then shop-vac'd the floor and went over it with tack cloth.
Anyhow, I put down a coat of minwax satin oil-based polyurethane and then reapplied about 8 hours later (within the specs of the label). Those coats looked great. Then about 6 hours after that I applied a coat of semi-gloss (according to the specs of my wife!). Now it looks like :censored:!
There are a lot of rough spots. Bubbles, I'm assuming. So my question is, what to do know? Can I get some high-grit paper and sand it down a little (not all the way to the wood, hopefully!) and reapply the polyurethane? If so, what grit would work best? Also, after reading on here, it seems that thinning the polyurethane might be a good idea? I'm applying with a lambswool pad, dipping it in a roller tray and then making passes over the floor. It seems that pouring directly onto the floor and spreading also might be a better idea? Any advice would be grrrrreat!


Bob Mariani 11-10-2009 03:34 PM

sand with 220 grit if needed. or just buff with a mesh screen (better approach) Bubbles may be from the poly being applied on a cold floor, you mentioned passes... only one pass. Never overwork the poly or it will bubble. Or you may have shaken, not stirred prior to application. Also note that a semi-gloss will show more of the sanding imperfections that would not be noticed with a satin finish. And a shop vac is not good enough to pick up all the dust. Also use a hepa-filter on a better vac.

SpiffWilkie 11-10-2009 04:44 PM

Thanks for the info. A couple more questions:
Will hand sanding be o.k. or will that lead to marks?
I have a relatively small area I'm doing and would like to not have to rent equipment if necessary. Also, if I go for the screen option, would those drywall screens work (Link to example) or is that something else entirely?

If all else fails...area rugs are great!

Bob Mariani 11-10-2009 05:25 PM

you can use a pole sander and drywall screens. Do not attempt to hand sand it.

jaros bros. 11-10-2009 06:42 PM

With all the environment issues going on today, the oil based products have less solvents than they did originally. You would do well to add some high quality mineral spirits, maybe 10-20%. It shouldn't hurt the product, although Minwax will be unable to recommend it because it is against the law. This will allow the product to smooth out better and also allow air bubbles to escape. The coats will be thinner and will cure out faster make a much more durable floor.

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