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Chris165 06-08-2006 11:55 AM

Bubble in Pergo from spill
Hi all, we have had Pergo installed in our Kitchen for about 3 years now. We did not put it in. My wife accidentally spilled some tile sealer on the pergo, and it got in between one of the seams, and caused the finish to bubble up. Does anyone know of a remedy (trick) to fix this. I was thinking maybe something like an iron and damp towel over it, but not sure. Any help would be great! Thank you.

I do not want to have to tear out the floor to get to replace the two pieces (call me lazy)

Big Dave 06-08-2006 02:00 PM

I know you don't want to hear this but the only way to fix it is to replace it. What has happened is that the fibers that make up the flooring have swelled and made the flooring raise up.

Sorry, Dave.

AtlanticWBConst. 06-09-2006 06:12 AM


It's just as Big Dave said.

The only repair to this is to replace that particulor 'board section'. This is due to the nature of the material, as it is not solid hardwood, it will not dry and shrink back to it's original shape.

Anyways, as was stated, you will have to replace that 'board section' that is bubbled. There is a procedure to do this. Done right, and it will look perfect when completed. Again, it has to be done just as the procedure states.

What is this procedure? I can't really get into it on this forum as you really need picture instructions to follow. It is possible for a homeowner with some skill to do it. Otherwise, you can call Pergo and have them send a 'technician' out do the replacement and $$ repair.

You should be able to find directions for the procedure with diagrams and pictures by doing a 'search' on it (I did).
Try: " Repair Laminate Floor"

If you do decide to make go of it, the most important things are: Make sure you have the right tools and alot of patience....take your time.

Chris165 06-12-2006 11:43 AM

Thank you for your advice
I am pretty handy, so I will check out the repair on the web, and give it a shot. The previous owner left a couple of planks so I should be good to go. Thanx for all of your help. This forum is really great!!!

Floorwizard 06-13-2006 08:40 PM

Good luck!

the reason this place is great is because of all the posts and inputs. Feel free to join in if you can help on whatever!

Big Dave 06-13-2006 09:16 PM

Chris165. I forgot to mention I would put the new peices up against the wall in an inconspicuous area as they will probably not match completely.


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