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bsmith6356 02-06-2010 02:13 PM

Black tar paper under linoleum-Asbestos concern?
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Hi there-
I am doing a kitchen remodel on a home in another state, the house was built in 1955. I am in the process of removing a 2 layers of sheet linoleum, under that is some kind of REALLY thick tar paper product (has green on one side). We found hardwood floors under that, and want to refinish.
My questions are:
1. Should I be concerned that this black tar paper has asbestos in it? (I'm only here for about a month and don't have time to send samples off to be tested)
2. So far I've scraped off half of the linoleum and tar paper, there's still a black residue from the paper. How do I remove the residue? My plan was to remove as much as I could by scraping it, and then sanding up the rest...which leads me back to the asbestos concern.

It may not even have any asbestos...if not, then I'm still wondering if sanding is the best way to go, or if I should use some other kind of chemical or a heat gun? (which seems like it would get messy)

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