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thecanadian 03-19-2006 08:11 PM

big mess on vinyl floor installation
:mad: I have to fix a mistake some contractors made. They installed a vinyl floor for me in a basement. First they put down mahogany underlay a quarter inch thick. My boyfriend saw them taping the underlay boards together. Then they put the vinyl floor down on top. The problem is that as you walk around the floor, the boards move around, and you can see the vinyl stretch and move where the boards meet. Also, the gaps at the seams are a half-inch thick in places. And they cut the vinyl crooked. Any suggestions??

from Katy in Canada

Remodeling 03-19-2006 08:28 PM

You say in a basement? Sounds like it was on slab that the "contractors" didn't want to clean and just laid the luan on. If that is the case the fix is a total rip out and reinstall correctly. Are the "contractors" licensed? Go after them. If they were fly by night, consider it a cheap lesson to use licensed and bonded contractors.

If not concrete, then more info is needed. What was the underlayment? How was the luan attatched to it? Can't do much about the crooked cut now.


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