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jayp 06-25-2012 01:23 PM

Best way to butt tile up to a 1/4" engineered floor?
I have a business entryway that needs a small tile job. The engineered hardwood flooring isn't holding up too well for the first foot or two when you walk in. Recently so much moisture had gotten under there that I had to rip it out. So now I've sealed up the door threshold and dried up the slab that the engineered wood planks are installed. I'd like to fill in the space that I tore up with tile instead of replacing the wood because it's just getting beat up over and over again.

My issue is that the wood floors are only 1/4" thick and so is the tile. I know I can lay the tile onto the slab but even with very THIN thinset, it's gonna elevate the tile slightly above the wood floor. Do you think it will be necessary to install a transition piece or will it be negligible? I was gonna use a trowel with 1/8" teeth so if all goes well it will only be 1/8" higher than the wood. I'm just worried about potential tripping.

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