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Me xeno 01-19-2012 12:10 PM

Bathroom project: in floor heating, slc and shower base
Hi. Been lurking for a while and first post so go easy

In the process of redoing our ensuite bathroom.

Plan on installing in floor heating (cables), then cover with slc and finally install a shower base from Acritec

Now the questions

For in the floor heating. I want to apply the primer, the lay the cable and the poor the slc all on the same day. My question is about how effective or risk of applying the primer and then walking on it thru the cable installation. Any concerns on reducing its effectiveness or tips?

For the slc. Should I use it under the shower base or build a dam that will come up to the edge of the base and rest the base on the sub floor. Height and plumbing are not concerns. Another question I have is how close to the toilet drain should I get with the slc. There's a small gap between the subfloor and the drain and obviously don't want the slc getting in there. But I want the flange when I install it to rest on the slc/tile.

For the base. I want to provide some support under it and seems that there is two approaches. Mortar mix or silicone. If I go with mortar mix, I would lay down some poly, and make 4 to 6 piles and set it. It seems that some people also put a layer of poly on top of the mortar to prevent leaching from the mortar to the white acrylic base. Do you think I should put poly on top of the mortar - thoughts, experience or issues? Regarding the using silicone under the base for support, any experience or thoughts?

Thanks in advance.


Tech Dawg 01-20-2012 07:12 AM

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Thanks for the great questions here at the DIY forum:thumbup: You start by offering a little more info on the Setting materials that your going to be using and the brand of heat floor heating. I'll start by showing you a photo of how you can mock a room so you dont lose your SLC... make mock baseboard, use scrap felt paper around the toilet flange with a little silicone, make threshholds at doorways etc...
If your looking for better support under the shower base, get in from underneath and add blocking or build up with plywood on the top side. A thin layer of SLC won't offer additional support to a structure.:no:

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