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Master-o-None 12-01-2007 01:00 AM

Basement subfloor or not?
I'm planning to finish my basement and would like to put engineered hardwood down as the floor, but I'm wondering if I should put down a subfloor first or glue the engineered hardwood right to the concrete?
My basement is about 3 yrs old, dry, and pretty flat but will require work to meet the spec for flatness that most flooring manufacturers require.

I know most engineered hardwood can be glued down (provided the floor is
flat) but is this the best way to install it? Some things that concern me about gluing are: no moisture barrier; long-term adhesion problems due to wear, moisture, or non-flat concrete; and the floor feeling like a concrete floor. I think most of these problems could be fixed by nailing the flooring to a subfloor and the books I've read on basement flooring advise putting down a subfloor. But most contractors and flooring people (Home Depot, Lowes) seem to think glue down is a no-brainer. I know glue down would be quicker and easier but I am more interested in quality and durability. Can someone advise me on this? Any help appreciated!

so-elitecrete 12-01-2007 06:13 AM

back in the day :-)
when we blt/finish'd a family room in the cellar, 1st laid down 6mil plastic then p-t 2x4s on top 16" o/c,,, sub-floor was 3/4" t&g 5-ply,,, finish cut-pile carpet,,, const adhesive & sheetrock screws for holding it down - never had any warpage,,, hope this helps

mike costello 12-01-2007 06:38 AM

Perform a moisture test per manufacturor specs. If your within tolerance you can glue your wood down.

Myself, I would float it. put down a moisture barrier and approved underlayment(pad) Then the planks can be glued together.

Ther are also plenty of wood floors out there that click together. Waaaay easier than gluing

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