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sdenn 06-26-2012 03:55 PM

Basement Flooring Concerns
Hello! I'm new here but have been by several times to get advice/read up on topics. Any and all advice is appreciated!

I am located in Saskatoon, SK and we are planning to renovate our 1961 basement -- but have several concerns.

First of all, we've had water in our basement once in over 10 years and we've since addressed the cause of the flood (a sloping concrete slab has been removed and replaced with a garage). We have had several wet years since then and no flowing water, but dampness remains a concern.

As a result, we hope to put down a dri-core type subfloor, but as I understand, the floor needs to be clean so there isn't mould growth. The first concern I have is that we have some asbestos backed lino stuck to the concrete (I have had it tested and years ago, someone took a stab at removal -- leaving backing). I hope to have it removed, but it's been suggested by the abatement folks that the floor be sealed. From an asbestos standpoint -- I totally understand. But from a moisture perspective -- will this be an issue if we are planning to dricore above it? Also, some of the concrete in the area with the lino backing is in terrible shape -- I can't visually inspect it as there is 1 layer of carpet, and another layer of carpet backing on the floor too, but I can feel the small heaves. Is this going to be an issue for the lino removal and I don't want to be grinding the concrete down in that section -- suggestions for how to handle this? Also, do floor levellers adhere properly if the floor has been sealed and if there is some moisture through the floor? (I don't believe the slab was waterproofed from below -- but we'll see when we dig a sump pit!)

Finally, in our furnace room, I'd like to put ceramic tile down but wasn't sure what is recommended -- do I put a membrane down or just tile directly on the bare concrete? I suspect we have some wicking of moisture through the slab, so I don't know if a membrane would be good or cause problems.

As much as I'd love to yank out the concrete floor and start new, it's not worth the investment in this house (I'd just sell and buy something else at that point!)

Apologies for the long-winded post but there are several overlapping issues with this floor!

Bob Mariani 06-27-2012 02:57 PM

you can tile over the concrete using thinset, not the premixed tubs but the bags

moisture is not coming up through the slab as much as thorught the walls and then the slab. You need to replace the outside perimeter drains to fix this correctly.

You can use spacers under the dri-core to compensate for the uneven flooring

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