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D.RED 06-20-2006 06:16 PM

Basement floor reno
Hi All,
I have a 1987 vintage 2 story with 1/2 finished basement.
The original carpet has had it and have riped it out.
I plan to put down laminate flooring as I have never had a water problem.
Just to be sure I have duct taped two pieces of plastic to the floor for the last week (While I paint and fix poped drywall screws)
There is no moisture at all on the plastic which is what I suspected.
When I riped up the carpet they used nail strips to hold carpet in place (was real happy wasnt glued).
The nail strips were nailed to my cement floor.
When I poped all the nails up they also took a little piece of cement with it so leaving little holes.
I also notice a crack right across basement floor but not real worried cause there is no sign of water.
My basement floor is painted, should I
fill little holes and seal them?
sand floor and reseal hole floor or
not worry about it?


Floorwizard 06-21-2006 02:20 PM

I would fill the holes, check to make sure areas are flat and level, lay down 6 mil poly, then the lam floor pad and floor.

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