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jfall 02-25-2011 08:48 AM

Basement floor options?
I'm in the process of finishing my basement and am looking in to options for the flooring. The basement is about 650 sqft with about 400sqft of floor that needs to be finished (the remainder is storage/utility room that will be left alone). The place is brand new and I haven't had any water/moisture issues. Current floor is concrete with in-floor heat. There appears to be a thin layer of blue/gray paint on the floor.

I want something very durable, as water proof as possible, and something that will play nice with my in-floor heating. That eliminates carpet and hard wood. Laminate floors I'm not a big fan of and I don't think they'd act as a good conductor for the heat, and I don't believe they like water very much.

That leaves me with a few options.

Ceramic Tile would be pretty water proof, durable and conduct heat well. I'd be looking at about $2,000 to buy it and get it installed (figuring 2.50/sqft for the tile and $2.50/sqft to install). Could be more or less. From what I've been told ceramic should not be installed over a painted floor meaning I'd have to strip the paint off some how.

Vinyl floor, pretty durable and water proof. Not a good conductor of heat. Cheaper to install than tile. Would likely need to remove the paint for this as well. Water could get under it and cause mold

Acid Stain, don't know a whole lot about it but it looks like it could be a good option. I'm not sure what it costs and I'm sure there is a lot of prep work and labor involved.

Paint, cheap and easy. I'm not sure about the durability. I'd guess that it would crack and chip easily and wouldn't look good for very long.

Any other options I can consider?

NCpaint1 02-25-2011 01:10 PM

Paint would be fine, being that its indoors, unless you put some really cheap stuff on there, and dont prep it...yes, you could have problems.

Maybe look at some of the decorative concrete finishes, there are lots out there. I have the same issue as you. Looking for a good coating over a radiant floor.

heres a couple that I like...not cheap, but you get what you pay for. With the area that you have to do, this would be far less than Tile.

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