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gmen86 12-10-2011 03:05 PM

Basement floor options (post asbestos tile removal)
I recently purchased a bi-level home. I had the asbestos tile downstairs removed and have been debating about flooring options. The downstairs is divided into 3 main rooms:
-storage area/laundry room

The storage area unfortunately takes up half the downstairs. Anyhow, I was curious if anyone has recommendations for the 3 rooms. I originally considered doing the entire thing in ceramic, but then started thinking about the weights in the gym damaging the floor (although I would have gym mats), the floor might be too cold for the den, and the ceramic tile might e waste in what is just storage. I'm now considering engineered wood or carpet in the den and vinyl tile in the other two rooms.
Any thoughts from people with experience? Any feedback is appreciated. Also, should I have any concern about the glue that was used for the asbestos tile? The company that I had remove it said I had nothing to worry about and that they only remove it with government contracts, but from what I've read asbestos fibers are still in the glue.

DYNAMIC DEEZLE 12-11-2011 10:20 AM

If you like ceramic tile and worried about bein cold, you can apply heating element underneath. That would be nice in the den. For your gym I would go with VCT (vinyl comm. tile) It comes in a variety of designs and colors. Indoor/outdoor carpet is another option! About the existing floor, the contractor should be responsable for all clean-up!

gmen86 12-11-2011 09:21 PM

Thanks. Unfortunately, I already had the tile removed and I didn't have the black mastic removed since he said it wasn't an issue. From my internet sleuthing, that doesn't seem entirely accurate. I've asked local flooring places and home depot, but the people I've spoken are inexperienced and just said
do whatever". That's not the detailed response I expected after explaining the situation so i came here. :)
I know I can't scrape or grind the glue, but the surface is smooth. Can I just go over it with tile or do I need to install a sub-floor? Same question if I go the carpet route. Thanks. :)

aaron_david 12-12-2011 04:06 PM

Typically, the best rule to follow when it comes to laying any type of floor is that it will only be as functional and safe as the floor underneath it. I feel that the best route to take with this is to remove to layer of asbestos altogether; best thing to do is hire an asbestos rated contractor for this.

As a side note, if you should ever find yourself trying to sell your home sometime in the future, depending on where you live you may need to disclose to potential buyers that there is a layer of asbestos under the new floor. That said, the last thing you will want to have to do in that case is pull the floor up all over to again to remove that problem layer.

As for recommendations for basement flooring options, cork is naturally moisture resistant and anti-microbial, has a low level of thermal conductivity, and offers a nice cushion. Also, many more rubber flooring varieties are coming out. In fact, if you haven't checked out Flotex by Johnsonite, I would say it's definitely worth a peek. Hope that helps!

aaron_david 12-12-2011 04:58 PM

Sorry for the double post.

ouchmythumb 12-19-2011 05:45 PM

How are you dealing with the floor?
Did you figure out a way to deal with your floor? Will ceramic tile stick to the black mastic or must it be removed? I have a basement floor covered in black mastic and I am very curious about this. I'm not happy about the idea that it might have asbestos in it and would like to cover it, or remove it if that can be done.

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