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alchemist 08-05-2007 12:46 PM

Basement Floor
Hi, first time poster here, hoping to get some guidance.

My basement floor had a low-quality carpet installed, glued to the concrete underneath. Due to some water damage, I've ripped most of it out. Instead of replacing the carpet, I'd like to refinish the floor and then "paint" it. I have a few questions I'm hoping someone can give me some suggestions on:

1. There's still a lot of glue stuck to the concrete. What's the best way to remove it and get a "smooth" surface?
2. Looking for suggestions on a new finish, and want to understand what options are available out there. Something very durable to support lots of foot traffic.

Any help would be most appreciated!

Floorwizard 08-15-2007 11:06 PM

Not sure about finishing, but a good scraper, time, and elbow grease will get that stuff up.

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