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KUIPORNG 07-20-2006 10:53 AM

Basement Bathroom Tiling Question
Hi everyone,

I have quite a unique situation and would like to get some answers:

I renovating my basement. the floor is concret, I put big thick plastic sheet and then OSB boards on top for the whole basement. For the bathroom, I put big thick plastic sheet and then Pine Wood board on top. This is recommended by a friend of mine saying avoid moisure coming up from concrete as well as good insulation as I am in Toronto, pretty cold in winter... the plastic sheet I am using is being used in fact to surround outside wall for water proof, they are not flat, it has up and down to keep air flowing underneath.

Now, here is my question, I need to tile marbles to the bathroom, what is the best approach? I have a few options base on all the reading from everywhere:

put as many as concrete screws as possible on the pilewood making sure the pile wood boards stick to the floor, then

a. put thinset and cement board then thinset then tiles..


b. put leveling cement to make sure the bathroom floor level on top of the pine wood, then thinset then cement board then thinset then tiles..


c. remove the pine woods and plastic sheet in the bathroom, then put leveling cement, then thinset and then tiles...


d.. other method I do not know...

My personal choice now is b.

Please advice

Thank You

Zero Punch 07-22-2006 11:03 PM

I go for C. And use some electric floor heating system to keep your toes toasty on those cold Toronto nights.

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