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Setzer1994 04-18-2012 02:28 PM

Basement Bar Flooring - Laminate & Tile
Hey all,

After weeks of demo I'm finally starting to put my basement bar back together. The room in general is a decent size at 15x22. Where the bar was/will be is then an additional 8x6 that "cuts into" the unfinished half of the basement.

I'm thinking ahead to the flooring, and this is what I've come up with. For the majority of the space I want a darkish/redish maple laminate floor. For the bar area (including both in front for the stools, and behind the bar), a more white/beige tile that also has a few hints of brown, similar to the wood floor.

Now, there is existing ceramic tile directly on top of the concrete foundation floor. After one attempt of breaking it up, I instead chose to level out the edges & bare spots with self-leveling concrete. I will then be putting down an underlayment, with the floating laminate on top.

My first question is, do I put the underlayment just under the laminate floor, then use the latex-apoxy thinset where the tile will be? Or, do I put an underlayment below everything, then use normal thinset for the tile?

Also, as far as transitions, I'm aware of my options, but what do you think will look the nicest? After some reading, it sounds like my tile will be slightly higher than the laminate. I think it might actually look nice with some sort of small quarter round looking stuff to make the transition up. Any suggestions?

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