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skeeter505 09-17-2011 05:43 AM

Baseboard Gap Options? Installing Floating Vinyl Flooring Today. Please Help.
Is Baseboard too high? Options? Installing Vinyl Planks today. Time sensitive.

I'm ready to install Allure's "Floating Resilient Plank Flooring" and am not sure what to do about the state of my floor molding. 3/4 of the baseboard is 1/2 inch off of the floor while the rest is touching the floor.

If I installed it now I'd have a lot of space between the baseboard. The planks are 0.15 inches (according to Home Depot's website).

What would be the best way to proceed?

Would quarter round molding be the best option? The baseboard in the room is 2 inches or so; it's very plain.

The only other options I know are to re-install the molding or install the flooring the way it it is.

I'd rather not have to rip it out but am willing to give it a try if it's the best way to go. I spent a long time sanding and painting it.

I was going to install the flooring last night but ran into this issue. I'm installing them today as soon as I know the best way to proceed or if this is even a big issue.

[Edit: How would using quarter round molding work? It would be going wayy under the molding in some area and in the others it would be up to the baseboard. It would be hard to position the flooring 1/8 inch from the wall if I can't see it.]

Dudester60 09-17-2011 07:46 AM

Welcome to the forum. I'm no expert, but if I understand you correctly, you are going to have to remove your baseboards, install your new floor, then reinstall your baseboards on top the floor Then install the quarter round over the baseboards and new flooring, (which you'll nail into the baseboard....not the floating floor) Hope this helps.

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