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jamiedolan 09-04-2008 09:02 PM

Attaching 3/4 Sturdy Floor with PL 400

I just ripped out my kitchen floor down to the joists. There were many layers of flooring that made the floor way too high and were unable to be seperated, so I removed it.

I have sheet of 3/4 sturdy floor (A t&g composite subfloor) to install, same stuff we have installed in jobs many times before. However, I really want to make sure my kitchen floor is squeek free.

So I bought the PL 400 sub floor adhesive, and I have sub floor screws. The room is 16" on center 2x12.

The PL sub floor adhesive says to apply it and then use fastners sparingly when installing sub floors. I called PL but they were not able to clairify how many screws I should use.

Do I still place the sub floor screws every 6 inches like I normally would, even with using the PL 400 sub floor adhesive? or do I use less?


Termite 09-04-2008 10:15 PM

I'd still install plenty of screws. 8" oc should be just fine.

Be sure that you get that plywood down right away on the PL200. The adhesive will skin over pretty quickly and that must not happen before the plywood goes down.

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