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bubbler 12-05-2010 08:32 AM

asbestos tile under laminate?
I have an asbestos tile floor covering the entire second floor of my home, which is really just two large rooms and a small hallway. There are about 5-6 broken tiles total, but otherwise it's in OK shape, and the floor feels very solid, so I don't think I need to do any subfloor repair, etc.

What I'd like to do is cover the tiles with a floating laminate floor that looks like wood--the stuff that is about 7-13mm thick and uses a separate (or built-in) underlayment. Carpet is out because of allergy issues, and real hardwood is out for a couple of reasons--1) is that ceiling height is a concern because it's only a 78~80" ceiling, and 2) we're unsure about what we will end up doing up there ultimately, but it may include adding a shed dormer within 5 years or so, in which case we'd like to minimize the amount of money spent on a floor today. My mother has laminate in her condo, so we've both seen the pros/cons of it in real life, and are OK with it.

Is a floating floor like this sufficient to keep the asbestos tile in OK condition, and contain any dust/etc? Or should I have the asbestos removed?

It's a 1-1/2 story, so there is only about 500~600 sq-ft of tile up there. I have not had a local professional in yet, but will if it's clear that the tiles must be removed. To be honest, I'm afraid of what I'll hear, our budget is tight, so having to pay thousands to remove the existing floor will be an issue, but if it must be done then we certainly will do it.

BTW, that area is currently 100% empty, so removal would hopefully be straight forward and containment would mostly be a matter of blocking off the stairway leading up.

I had all other floors, walls, ceilings tested... about 8 samples total, fortunately this was the only one that came back positive ("10%", "Cysotile")...

KCB 12-05-2010 01:53 PM

Ive done my home with laminate and left the tiles down.I cleaned the entire area thouroghly.Used self leveling compound for the missing tiles where needed then used a sealer.I went an extra step and removed the baseboards(i didnt like em)Used 8mil vapor barrier and a quality padding.Ive had no problems 5 years and counting.Still looks fantastic.I went with Armstrongs Grand Illusion line.

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