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rsilvergun 01-24-2007 02:23 PM

Asbestos Removal Solvent
Hi all, just found out the mastic in my tile's got asbestos in it (fun!). Anyway, it's gotta go since I'm having carpet put in, and I'm too poor to pay someone to do it myself. I've been looking at something called Bio T Max and a few other orange based degreaser/cleaners. Any suggestions that would minimize scraping/scrubbing? The tile's comming up as is, so getting that up is no problem, but I'd like to get the mastic up asap. I've also read I need to worry about the surface after I remove the mastic, and make certain that the pores of the slab are cleared so that the new tile and carpet will adhere, but darned if I know how to do this. TIA. :no:

billinak 01-25-2007 11:08 AM

Why can't you put the carpet over the mastic?

rsilvergun 01-25-2007 12:08 PM

Sadly, I thought of that, but...
What I've generally heard is that, given time, the carpet acts as sandpaper and grinds the asbestos up, then it makes its way through the carpet and into there air. I guess this is debatable, but in either case, the carpeters won't work on my floor until it's gone. And besides, it's a pretty big hit to the value of the house just having the crap there.

I looked into Bio T Max in my area. It's not available and shipping makes it too expensive. I'm probably either going to use BEAN-ee-Doo or some commercial Wax remover, I'm not sure which. A Wax remover's cheaper, BEAN-ee-Doo costs more ( a _lot_ more ), but it might work better and it will certainly smell better. I'm gonna buy a small amount of each and test tonight.

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