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nowwhatnapster 07-26-2012 11:33 PM

Asbestos removal quotes, opinion needed
I have a 1950 ranch with various linolium flooring throughout. I had the upstairs tested because I will be interacting with them in the near future. It turns our our bathroom (its small) has 8% asbestos in the linoleum flooring. I also have a nice big roll of it in my basement never used if anyone is interested :-)

I had 3 quotes (4th one coming tomorrow AM)
  1. $1850 verbal - from El douche bag, who went on about how there is no money in residential projects like these and he only makes $350 rest goes towards air testing etc. Also he said he would be there in the morning but didn't arrive until 3.
  2. $1000 verbal - from the friendly older black man with the silent assistant. said he could cut me a deal since he is working on another project and could dispose of the waste (since its small) in their dumpster.
  3. $1800 written - from the spanish guy with a weak handshake, but he came with a clip board, measured and dressed nicely. Also, emailed me a quote with 3 pages of information that details the whole process with sections highlighted that apply to my project, removing toilet/sink etc.
  4. ...9:30 tomorrow... took a day or two to return my initial call, so not off to the best start.
#1 is out, I did not like the vibe the guy gave off, neither did my wife. Seemed like someone I would have hated in high school.
#2 is where I am leaning due to the price, although he gave very little info, he did not mention air quality test or any procedures.
#3 if the price was as reasonable as #2 there is no questions I would choose this guy. Seems like cares about his businesses reputation.

As a side note I do have about 600sqft of 9x9 tile in my unfinished basement which I am not bothering touching. I did not have them tested. I believe my 62 year old furnace also has asbestos in it.

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