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asbestos glue residue...what do you do with it


I'm almost ready to self-test an old vinyl floor for asbestos....
one question....what to do with any glue residue left behind...
would like to keep scraping asbestos materials to a minimum..

I've read to put a bit of duct tape on the cut end of the tile
after sampling...but haven't seen
how to deal with the glue residue...either
in the short run (right after testing) or in the long run...if we
decide just to cover the floor even if it is asbestos....can it just be "sealed" somehow..



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I have heard of people sealing asbestos tiles and painting over them. If I were you I would not take out a asbestos tile floor due to all the health hazards of asbestos. If you really want it gone then you should hire a company that does asbestos removel.


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I had no idea about asbestos being used in flooring..

At my moms house she has an old linoleum floor on a concrete subfloor that I was going to tear up for a new ceramic floor job. My mom's house is pretty old, so any heads up information would be nice.
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just testing for future info...but realized where the piece comes off there
will now be exposed floor and possible asbestos glue...

wanted to know how to cope with that
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Originally Posted by joecaption View Post
Joe C, have you or anybody you know used this product? If so, is it as good as advertised?

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floor coverings and the glue used to hold them can
very well contain asbestos...and so can a whole lot
of other things like insulation and stucco...(which
I personally found out about too late...AFTER drilling some
screws in a ceiling...Damn....)

Personally Not sure about TRUE linoleum itself containing asbestos...but
many things called that are actually VAT (vinyl asbestos
tiles/flooring)...but even if it IS linoleum the glue holding it down
could have asbestos...
(great site with lots of info)

only way to know for sure is to test it....there are people
you can hire (your state/city EPA web site should have
a listing of licensed investigators)...and some at home
ways to test yourself...BUT YOU MUST BE Careful
(this is for NY)

If you hire someone MAKE SURE they are licensed...a simple
handy man or friend who does plumbing may NOT KNOW
how to safely handle the could end up with
a Bigger problem...

vinyl floor testing for asbestos DIY
(a thread that might be helpful)

If it is in good shape and you don't drill into it or mechanically
mess with it in anyway it is actually safe...the danger is when you
start messing with it...never sand these floors or drill or anything
else mechanical..

The older the flooring the higher the risk...but even new
flooring could be suspect because of legal imports...

One positive note...the asbestos in VAT is believed to be so tightly
bound it takes an awful sanding release fibers...
if you look at these boards you'll see people talking about tiling over it
while leaving it in place...

good luck...
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Also interested in this as i have about 400 sq ft of tile in my basement I believe is asbestos containing that I would like to remove as some of it is coming up already. It is directly attached to the concrete with a black material that I would like to remove so I can put down a new floor.


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