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J187 08-29-2006 07:46 PM

Another Hardwood finishing question
Ok, So I gave a small section of the floor a good wash and it seems like there is a bit of finish left on there. I can feel a pretty smooth surface and I get a little light reflection as well. But I think the finish is somewehre in the neighborhood of 90-95% gone. The floor other than that is in terrific shape. I had an idea. I looked at a bottle of minwax poly and it said to simply sand lightly w/ 120 and recoat if the finish was in good shape. I would love to do this rather than involve a drum sander. The floor I want to refinish continues from the living room through the hall and into the bedrooms. I am having the second bedroom carpeted in a couple weeks. Would It be a good idea to test the refinishing process in there considering it will carpeted anyway by just hand sanding a little spot w/ 120 and applying some poly? I guess what I dont' quite understand is why so many people are telling me to refinish the floor all the way, by sanding down to bare wood and restaining. I guess I just don't really understand what could go wrong if I tried to recoat instead. I'm up for all advice and suggestion. Thanks. BTW, there are pics of the floors in another thread in this forum.

Big Dave 08-30-2006 06:49 PM

The reason that people are recommending a complete resand and finish is that you have no way of knowing what kind of chemicals have been used on the floor including any wax. The problem with just scuffing and brushing on a new coat of poly is that it might not stick. Any kind of wax or pledge on the floor will keep the new finish from adhering. You could try it on the part of the floor that you are going to cover up but I don't think you will be able to give it enough time to show if the new finish will adhere or is going to release.

There are ways to wash a floor removing it of wax and chemicals but I'm not sure what it is and how to do it so I'm no help there.


J187 08-30-2006 09:09 PM

OH, so its not necessarily an immediate problem we are talking about - rather its the finish letting go over time? Thats very helpful info.

I think there is no way the floor was ever waxed - the previous owner had the floor carpeted over 30 years ago. I think I might just try to recoat. Thanks Dave.

Big Dave 08-30-2006 09:12 PM

Probably the best peice of advice I can give if your gonna try it is to use zinnser sealcoat first before you put on your choice of poly. The sealcoat is designed to stick to anything and anything will stick to it.


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