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djenka2 11-14-2012 10:23 PM

Another case of shaky floor
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Hi all,

This is my first post here. I was reading some topics regarding shaky floors and I do understand most of the things you guys suggested but I have a feeling my case is little different.

I have a 2-storie 25-year old house and I noticed that our bedroom (south side of the house) floor is shaky, when I walk by TV or dresser you can hear it and see it shaking (you can see the LCD TV is shaking when I purposely step harder to prove shaky floor). I am not sure if it was 2010 when we moved into this house but I think I noticed it in 2012.

I am not sure if what I will mention here has any effect on my shaky floor:
Since August 2011 until November 2011 we were renovating basement which includes putting insulated potlights. Having said that we had to move bridging left or right by 6" or max 1'. 95% of the X bridging is re-nailed where couple of X bridging were not installed back on it's place BUT that is not a spot in the house where we have shaky floor. Few missing X bridgings are approx east side of the house. Shaky floor is on the other side of the house (south side two levels higher). Straight below two levels under our bedroom shaky floor in the basement there was no X bridging and nothing was taken out, just some normal size holes drilled for network, TV and phone cable. I am hoping the renovations didn't affect my floor two levels up especially because no changes in the floor joists were done in the spot below our shaky bedroom floor and also no any signs or damages on middle floor (main floor).
I also hope that floor joists will have to be reinforced/fixed just on upper level in bedroom and not down in basement. Also, might be worth to mention that in our children's room there was one laminate plank detached (gap) from another plank (you can put it back together by foot) - picture #1 attached. Children's room is north-west side of the house. Also, what I noticed (maybe I am too scared now and notice everything) is that on children's room door trimming (where trim meets the jamb) is cracked (vertical crack approx 4" which might be that we damaged it with furniture or so) - picture #2 and #3 attached.

Please let me know your opinion and positively surprise me that nothing is serious and fixing is doable at the bedroom level only :-)
Really let me know what you think

Thanks in advance,

mterry 11-15-2012 04:27 AM

I think we will need to know more about the framing of the floor in bedroom (joist size, spacing, span)

djenka2 11-15-2012 03:17 PM

Hmm, I can't tel it yet as I still have the wall-to-wall carpet there. I would have to lift the carpet sometimes next year and check it.
Any ideas based on the story above?

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