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JetJaguar 08-25-2012 05:31 PM

allure vinyl locking challenge
This is really only a question for those who have worked with Allure vinyl locking, or an identical competing product. Pergo and other laminates don't work the same way.

Please see the picture. how would we negotiate these turns and bends?



joecaption 08-25-2012 08:48 PM

I see a few odd things.
Is this the longest straight wall? Back up and take another picture so we can see what the other wall looks like. In other words your suppost to be starting it on the longest wall and work toward the one with all the angles.

#2 Your not leaving any gap at the wall that I can see in that picture, with out a gap the flooring will buckle.

#3 One the flooring you have already laid you should be seeing the gray glue strip exposted, all I see is the top of the flooring, sure you not laying it backwards. You should not have to lift the strips to slide in the next piece, they go on top of it.

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