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bstreyle 04-11-2010 09:59 PM

Allure flooring and prep work
My son is having Allure flooring put down by Home Depot and he was told that it can be put over any surface with little or no prep. We just tore up some old carpet where the Allure flooring (plank strips) are going to be put down. The original flooring was concrete and the previous owner put down plywood using the blue concrete screws. We removed all of the tack strips, staples etc. that was used to hold the carpet and pads down, but what I need to know is if there are some small gaps where the plywood meet each other, should I fill them in and with what. There are also some of the screws that are just barely above the surface of the plywood and this of course were not a problem with carpet. I did not have my screw gun to try and set them down further into the plywood and I am not sure if I can. I was thinking of getting a grinded and grinding the heads down so they are below the surface and maybe putting something to fill in the space. Is there anything else I should do prior to the install. Any help would be appreciated. I did read alot of the post on Allure flooring and hope that I will be able to give a good reply also.

Thank you,

Jim F 04-12-2010 03:43 PM

The floor should be made reasonably smooth even though it is a floating floor. Anything that sticks up such as screws should be removed or filed down or it will eventually work its way up through. The flooring will eventually conform to significant gaps or holes left in the floor as well. Allure's installation instructions are pretty specific about the prep work necessary. Any deviation will result in nullifying the warranty.

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