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The age-old question: cats and carpet

Hi folks,

I've posted a few times here, and gotten good results. I'm a horrifically un-handy person who occasionally needs to do handy stuff.

So, I have the classic problem. Part of my basement is finished with what is I guess a berber carpet wall-to-wall. My cat has elected to pee in this room.

I've managed to fix the doors so that he can no longer get in, but the damage has been done and the room smells awful. I've looked a number of the options for "fixing" the problem, and I haven't really tried any yet, because frankly, it seems like the bottom line is nothing REALLY works.

So, I'm considering tearing up the carpet in the corner of the room where he peed just to get the offending piece out of the house.

I believe the carpet is directly over concrete. I have no idea how it's affixed.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to go about removing a section of carpet?

And hey, if anyone is sold on something I should try before I go mangling the carpet, let me know!




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If you can grab ahold of the carpet away from the walls and lift it up slightly, it is more than likely held down with tackless strips around the perimeter. If you want to take it up, you can either grab the carpet in a corner with a pair of pliers and give it a yank, or take a razor knife and cut it into 4' widths and take it up that way. If the carpet doesn't move when you try to lift it, it may be glued down. Gonna take more elbow grease to get that up if that's the case.
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Have you considered Nature's Miracle? It's an enzyme product that basically digests away the offending stain and odor. While it's perhaps not as miraculous as its name implies, we have used it for years with generally good results. If you elect to try it, be careful about pre-cleaning the area with other chemicals, as they may nullify the enzymes in the Nature's Miracle. Also, don't just spray it on; really soak the area. If the carpet's on concrete, it's not like you'll damage anything underneath it, and the enzymes need time to work, so the area has to stay wet with the Nature's Miracle. Of you're not sure exactly where your cat may have urinated, you might also consider getting a black light; in a darkened room, it's supposed to illuminate urine stains. We tried one of those and the results were varible, but it was a cheap one. Whatever you do, if you decide to treat the area rather than tear up the carpet, be sure to do a thorough job; if the cat can still smell urine there, it will still think it's a litter box.

My wife just chimed in with these ideas: If your cat has only urinated in the one spot, after you've treated the area, put the cat's food there, as cats generally won't urinated where they're fed. Also, if the cat just urinated on the carpet for no apparent reason, it may have a urinary tract infection, and perhaps didn't think it could make it to the litter box.

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Having installed for 37 years, I will tell you that ALL cats and dogs urinate on carpet. Customers are always telling me that their animal never has. WRONG! I have never taken up carpet in a house with pets, where the pet didnt urinate on the floor. It is just usually in an out of the way place where the homeowner doesn;t notice it. Did you know that a tomcat can urinate on the ceiling? They can.
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Oh, it's do-able all right there are companies out there that will remove the smell completely, if you can pay for them.

Trouble is that you have to attack the problem on a macro scale because Rusty is again right, pee can be anywhere. Black lights, a thorough knowledge of the chemistry of urine and how it changes with time are only two things you need to do a proper job. You may have to soak the concrete, you may have to replace the padding.

But it is achievable.
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Thanks for the ideas, folks!

I don't have the money to replace the carpet or pay for any serious cleaning programs right now. So, my options are probably limited to:

a) over-the-counter solutions, or
b) removing but not replacing the peed-upon carpet

Luckily, all entrances to the room are now cat-proof, so I'm confident that if I can fix the carpet situation, I can keep them from peeing on it again.

Thanks again!
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Well, I doused the area with Nature's Miracle pretty liberally. If this works, it would keep me from mangling the carpet, but we'll see how it goes! :D
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oreck has No Return and that works good


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