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water_cutter101 04-03-2008 04:24 PM

Add plywood to old sub floor?
Hi All,

I have an old house (about 80 years old) and we are in process of renovating.

Part of this renovation is to put down new hardwood flooring all over.

The existing sub floor are wood planks on a 45 degree angle to the existing joists. There are also gaps (as much as about 3/8") between some of these planks. Also, there are knots and other imperfections.

We spoke to some people and the feedback we received was,

1. Reuse the existing subfloor as it is, but secure it down with screws. Then just put the new hardwood over top of this. What kind of screws would typically be used for this - drywall? galvanized?

2. Screw down the existing planks, then screw down 3/8" tongue and groove plywood over top and then put down the hardwood flooring.

Does anyone have any opinions on this???

What kind of screws and spacing would be nice to know??


Brik 04-04-2008 09:02 AM

Option one is the traditional method. Deck screws or flooring screws. Use rosen paper between old and new floors.

Option two would be preferred if old floor has lots of issues with irregularities, gaps, etc. Still would want to screw old floor first. Wouldn't do this if you will have issues caused by height being raised.

water_cutter101 04-06-2008 11:18 PM

Thanks for the advice...

We are ripping up the old hardwood flooring next weekend. We'll check out the condition of the original subfloor and then decide what to do.


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