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jmitch1281 04-01-2010 01:15 AM

3/4 in hardwood over 5/8 ply subfloor
Im installing 3/4 hardwood in a house I just purchased. It has a 5/8 plywood subfloor. I just removed the 3/8 particle board underlayment and a layer felt between the subfloor and underlayment in the living room and master where the solid hardwood is going. The 5/8 subfloor feels a little soft where the seams dont meet with the joists. i want to put a layer of 3/8 bcx over the 5/8 subfloor. I was planning to use a layer of 15# felt between subfloor and underlayment to eliminate squeaks. Is this necessary?... all the sites ive searched have never suggested this but the particle board had it. Also one of the other rooms im putting 3/8 bruce engineered hardwood that was given to me. I havent removed the particle board in that room. Is it ok to put a layer of 3/8 bcx over the particle board and instlalling the 3/8 engineered so it is the same height as the 3/4 hardwood. Im stapling the 3/4 hardwood and planned on gluing the 3/8 engineered????

Bob Mariani 04-01-2010 07:42 AM

use glue and screws but no felt between the two sheets of plywood. Also be sure to leave 1/4" space at the perimeter and between sheets. Stagger the seams from first layer to second layer.

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